The Daily Stumble

Today is a day that is weighing me down. You know, one of those days when you feel like life is suffocating you? Yup. That would be today. I woke up with an immediate thought of all that is wrong right now. A list of everything that seems impossible to check off. Some problems are generic: money issues, my job, taking care of a car. Others are harder to explain, growing up, feeling alone, having a terrible time getting along with someone you have to get along with.

Yes. Today is a bad day. But it s also a good day.

God gave me this day because he knew I could handle it. Someone else might have had an even harder time than me dealing with this day. But here I am with all these problems for a reason. The reason being, something good is going to come from all the bad somethings I’m facing. All I have to do to fin that good thing, is wait it out.

God never gives us more than we can handle, no matter how bad things seem.