The Routine Dictator


Standard procedure. Sequence set. According to me. Repeat. Day by day. One step closer to the results I want and to going crazy from the repetition.

I have found, in my endeavors to dedicate myself to things, that it is rather difficult to stick to matters of course set by me because routines have a habit of their own: they become tedious due to self-conditioning.

My freshmen year of college I gained more than the typical 15 pounds and for the past 4 months, I haven’t even been able to lose 5. Call it lack of motivation or self-control, but I think the diet and exercise “routine” has been dictating my stupor.

Daily habits are easy to maintain because we don’t even think of them as such. We neglect to notice that we have been wearing the same shade of lip-gloss for the past 3 years or that we tend to wear jeans every Tuesday. One scoop of sugar in my coffee each morning isn’t a routine, it’s a preference right?

Regardless of things you tend to repeatedly do but haven’t realized you do, think of the routines you have tried to make yourself repeat.

When we attempt to control or force habits, we kind of fight ourselves. Like when we create a diet plan, workout routine, a self-proclaimed challenge, or a long-term project. Everything in us screams “You did this yesterday! Is it really working? Is it worth it? What’s the point of doing the same thing every day?”. Despite what I tell myself, my boredom trumps my progress, the “big picture”. I can only hope that one day, I wake up with a fetish for monotony.

~Have you ever set a routine for yourself that was hard to keep up with? Did you manage to stick with it anyway? If so, how?~


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