Fathom the Fallout

One criticism often leveled against the media is that they are contributing to the decay of morality. Indeed, a recent national poll reported that 70 percent of Americans are very or somewhat worried that popular culture, as portrayed in television and movies, is lowering moral standards in the United States. Ponder it. Think of today’s top TV shows. What characteristics of those shows stand out? Violence? Check. Drugs? Check. Death? Check. Explicit sex? Double check. Profanity? That’s a must. What do the shows that have risen to great reviews say about us as a society? Well it says we are a people who like to watch shows that include violence, drugs, death, sex, profanity, and maybe a few redeemable morals thrown in there.

I think it says a lot about our society when, according to the Huffington Post, most girls ages (14-27) spend at least 4 hours a day obsessing over their looks. Today and everyday, girls post pictures of themselves in attempt to get “likes”. If they don’t get enough likes, does that mean they’re not that attractive? Well that’s how they take it. Today the media and web ensure that we are drowning in visuals: we’re no longer comparing ourselves to “local images” – our friends – instead we’re comparing ourselves to social-networked strangers, celebrities, and to Photoshopped images, of which we see around 5,000 a week.

How fair is it for a girl to have to compete with edited, embellished women who look perfect. Guys say things like “you must not be comfortable with who you are” or “are you insecure about our relationship?”. But how can a girl be comfortable when she goes to a movie with her boyfriend only to see a girl on the screen who is strikingly perfect both with and without clothes?

So to sum things up, today it is acceptable to air a very informative condom commercial during a time that a child could be watching TV and the web can be used to look up anything, good or bad. You can find practically any home remedy you need but you can also find how to make a bomb, and you can watch complete strangers share what should be intimate moments but are actually fake, unrealistic acts that have resulted in a taboo.

I bet you’re wondering “why is she on such a rampage?”. I’m sure all this venting is getting to your head, but I do have a reason for my crazy message delivery.

While checking my email, I received the below video which result in all of that ^^^^. It amazes me what they can do to a person to make them look “better”. This technique is NOT only used in photos, it is also used in movies. So next time you find yourself thinking “wow that person is PERFECT.” Take a second and really consider the notion that they might just be an edited perfection.

I’d really like to hear your comments on this one. Feel free to disagree with me. All opinions are valued. 🙂


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